Eczema, dermatoses, contact allergies, etc.

Learn how Marly Skin® can help you become free of eczema and skin irritation.

Ekzem, Dermatitis

What is eczema?

Eczema is an inflammation of the epidermis and the upper dermis and is not acquired by infection.
The term “dermatitis” is also used. The term “eczema” does not initially mean anything about the cause and course of the skin disease.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

In the acute state, itching, redness, papules, weeping, scaling and crust formation appear.

In a chronic condition, the main symptoms are itching, redness, scaling, inflammatory thickening of the skin, dryness and cracks in the skin.

Where can eczema develop?

Eczema can occur all over the body. But above all in exposed places, such as the hands or feet. One speaks here of hand eczema and/or foot eczema.


Eczema has external causes!

Various allergens, pollutants and irritants that penetrate the skin from the outside can trigger eczema and allergic reactions.

Endogenous eczema (atopic dermatitis / neurodermatitis) is also predominantly
triggered by external stimuli.

One can classify eczema (dermatitis) as follows:

Man kann Ekzeme (Dermatitis) folgendermaßen einteilen


With Marly Skin® you can prevent allergens, harmful substances and irritants from penetrating the skin from the outside and causing pathological reactions (eczema, dermatitis, etc.).

It’s like a second skin, a protective cover.

The microfine Marly Skin® foam is very pleasant, non-greasy and non-lubricating and can be used on ALL parts of the body,
including the face, eyes, neck, nape, etc.


Marly Skin® is also suitable for neurodermatitis.

Many of those affected suffer from a disturbed skin barrier and thus often from eczema or contact allergies.

Marly Skin® is the remedy !

Dr. med. R. Rudolph Doctor for Skin Diseases – Allergology, Chief Physician at the North Sea Clinic Norderney
tested MARLY SKIN® in over 300 patients with neurodermatitis.

“Positive results across the board. In many cases a long-lasting cortisone treatment could be discontinued.
In addition, the use of MARLY SKIN® in many cases has made further drug therapy unnecessary.”

Marly Skin® – The Application

  • Wash hands / skin before use and dry well
  • Shake can vigorously before each use and hold spray head vertically downwards
  • Remove foam for the area of skin to be protected (a walnut-sized amount is sufficient for the hands)
  • Rub evenly and thoroughly into the skin, not forgetting fingertips, nail fold and spaces between fingers!
    For optimal distribution it is advisable to remove jewellery (e.g. rings).
  • Let it work for 3 minutes after rubbing in – now your skin is protected for 4-6 hours!

In my opinion, Marly Skin® is indispensable for almost all forms of hand eczema. I myself routinely recommend it to my patients, both in the acute phase, when hand eczema exists, and as a prevention after the healing of hand eczema.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Vanscheidt

University Hospital, Freiburg

The only sensible therapy for a contact allergy is to avoid the allergen.
In my opinion, Marly Skin® is the only way to prevent this allergen from getting on your skin if you have an allergy.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Vanscheidt

University Hospital, Freiburg

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Before / After

The pictures show the skin condition before and after the use of Marly Skin®. Eczema was caused by disinfectants or by the action of various hairdresser chemicals. Thanks to the consistent use of Marly Skin®, the skin was able to recover and no longer shows any signs.









Customer reviews

The money is definitely worth it to me, my ugly big stain (allergic reaction) on the back of my hand is finally gone.
I am sooo happy :))
In addition, the skin becomes very soft. I’d recommend it to anyone.

I would like to thank you for your great product. After years of fighting allergies, neurodermatitis, inflammation, redness and swelling of the face, according to the dermatologist, all these symptoms have completely disappeared since using the skin protection foam. I can eat and drink what I want and even animal hair doesn’t bother me anymore. Thank you so much. And I hope that this product will remain on the market for decades to come. Thank you very much and I would like to draw the attention of all my acquaintances and customers who have skin problems to your product.
A big compliment!!

This skin protection foam is very good. It has helped me to get rid of perioral dermatitis and I continue to use it. It’s so nourishing I don’t use any more cream or lotion. I can recommend Marly Skin to anyone with sensitive skin.

Hello, my husband had really tried every ointment and cream. On his hands, especially on his fingertips, the skin came off. Men are like that, no time to see a doctor. Until I discovered this foam. Just great. It came after very short time a relief. Everything heals perfectly.

My company uses all the usual stains, solvents and solvent-based paints as well as synthetic resins and acrylic paints used in the painting trade.

This led to skin irritations on the hands of long-time employees …cracking of the skin, as well as strong itching …My employees have been using Marly Skin for several weeks now.

A few days after using Marly Skin, the hands were completely healed and no more skin irritation was present.

Clear recommendation. It helped me very quickly. Again and again gladly. I can only recommend it. Apply just before cleaning. Great.

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