Professional Skin Protection - The Invisible Glove

Marly Skin® – The invisible glove, is the ideal companion for all skin-aggressive professions. For over 30 years, companies have relied on our experience in the field of skin protection and industrial dermatology.

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Professioneller Hautschutz im Beruf - Boost
Hautschutzsalben – ein veraltetes Konzept

Skin protection ointments – an outdated concept

Do you still use conventional skin protection ointments?
Do you also despair of the oversupply of different skin protection creams for different purposes?

What if you find that conventional skin protection products

  • often insufficient protection
  • are sometimes even harmful to the skin
  • often rub off again too quickly and thus lose their protective function
wouldn’t you want to decide for effective skin protection?

Marly Skin® makes the difference

The following table shows you what skin protection must achieve in comparison to conventional skin protection ointments and gloves. (Requirement profile for skin protection products according to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Raab, Vienna University)

Marly Skin® macht den Unterschied

Only Marly Skin® meets all requirements and thus simplifies your operational skin protection.

  • A reliable product for all skin-aggressive applications and professions
  • Reliable protection against aqueous and organic systems at the same time
  • Protects against contact allergies
  • More cost-effective than all previous skin protection measures
  • Application only every 4 hours, the protection remains constant. Skin cleansing and disinfection can be repeated as often as required during this time
  • Ideal protection against irritation by protective gloves or protective clothing or special shoes
  • facilitates skin cleansing in case of heavy soiling (e.g. soot, oil)
  • Can be applied to the WHOLE body, including the face, neck, etc.


Marly Vergleichen

A 100ml can of Marly Skin® is as productive as about 750 grams of a commercial skin protection cream.

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Prof. Dr. Vanscheidt, Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Vanscheidt, Freiburg

” In many professions it doesn’t work at all or it is very unpleasant to have such an oily film on your skin through skin protection creams.
With Marly Skin® you just have the completely normal tactile sensation. This is extremely pleasant for the people. “

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