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Marly Skin® – The Original – skin barrier foam.

Marly Skin Hautquerschnitt

Marly Skin® protects, strengthens and regenerates your skin barrier. For healthy skin.

Marly Skin® is used for eczema, dermatoses, contact allergies and for general strengthening of the skin barrier. The micro-fine foam quickly penetrates into the top horny layer of your skin and forms a highly resistant protective network that prevents harmful substances and allergens and thus prevents pathological reactions.

The protective shield remains intact for several hours and is broken down again by natural transpiration after 4-6 hours.

  • Marly Skin® protects against allergens, pollutants and irritants
  • Marly Skin® strengthens against harmful moisture and mechanical irritations, such as chafing
  • Marly Skin® maintains, strengthens and regenerates your skin barrier and thus supports the self-healing process.

Marly Skin® embodies a unique principle of action.

After application, a protective film forms in the skin (and not on the skin) and is not subject to abrasion.
Due to its microfine structure, Marly Skin® absorbs completely quickly and is extremely pleasant.
The foam leaves no greasy film on the skin and can be applied to the whole body, also on the face and the eyes.

  • is absorbed immediately and is neither visible nor perceptible. Like a second skin
  • does not leave an oily film on the skin
  • can be used all over the body
  • 4-6 hours of constant protection even if the skin is washed or disinfected several times
  • no occlusion (exclusion of air and moisture)
  • no impairment of the natural skin functions, transpiration and tactile sensation
  • no removal necessary, dissolves by itself without residues

Marly Skin® – The Application

  • Wash hands / skin before use and dry well

  • Shake can vigorously before each use and hold spray head vertically downwards

  • Remove foam for the area of skin to be protected (a walnut-sized amount is sufficient for the hands)

  • Rub evenly and thoroughly into the skin, not forgetting fingertips, nail fold and spaces between fingers!
    For optimal distribution it is advisable to remove jewellery (e.g. rings).
  • Let it work for 3 minutes after rubbing in – now your skin is protected for 4-6 hours!

Marly Skin® – The product profile

  • contains no fragrances or emulsifiers
  • does not have to be removed again, but dissolves by itself by transpiration
  • is not absorbed by the body and has no sensitizing properties – this also applies to mucous membranes (e.g. eyes and mouth) or injured skin
  • is completely harmless in contact with foodstuffs and leaves no specific marks on materials
  • is extremely pleasant and economical to use
  • has been tested in over 40 studies at renowned university clinics AND confirmed
  • Made in Germany
  • Product composition:
    Sorbitol: preserves the skin moisture
    Propylene Glycol: preserves the skin moisture
    Glycerin: protects the skin moisture, protects the skin from external influences
    Polydimethylsiloxane: makes the skin smooth and supple, increases the water content of the skin
    Vitamin E: protection against free radicals
    Bisabolol: Anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin-strengthening
  • Tested like a drug, tested in countless human trials and finally produced and documented according to GMP and ISO standards (Made in Germany), MARLY SKIN® embodies the highest standards that must be met by such a high-tech product.
  • Ecology: participation in the dual system / green dot, aluminum mono-block can, recyclable
  • 100 ml ± 150 applications
    sufficient for about 3 1/2 months, with twice daily use for z. Eg the hands (walnut size)
  • 50 ml ± 75 applications
    sufficient for approx. 2 months, with twice daily use for z. Eg the hands (walnut size)
Marly Skin das Original

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