Hairdressing Trade

Marly Skin® - The Original - skin barrier foam - the invisible glove for the hairdressing trade.
Friseurhandwerk - Boost
Der Friseurberuf ist stark haut- bzw. handbelastend

The hairdressing profession is very stressful for the skin and hands.


The skin is damaged:


  • by water, which swells and dries out the skin
  • through active washing substances that remove the acid mantle

  • by substances from cosmetic preparations

  • by handling chemical substances and allergens

  • through the strain of wearing gloves

Approximately 30% of newcomers to the profession have to abandon their training due to massive skin problems.

Quote from Prof. Stresemann, Bad Salzuflen

Marly Skin® effectively protects your skin from the inside!

After application, a two-dimensional network is formed within the skin. This means that there is no abrasion, as with creams and ointments. After a few minutes a highly effective skin protection for a duration of more than 4 hours develops.


Marly Skin is:

  • Invisible
  • Non-greasy
  • Odourless
  • No obstruction of normal sense of touch
  • The skin can breathe and sweat
Mit Marly Skin® wird Ihre Haut von innen wirkungsvoll geschützt!
Prof. Dr. Vanscheidt, Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Vanscheidt, Freiburg

Once eczema occurs, it’s very problematic.
With Marly Skin® we have succeeded in keeping even severe cases of illness at work.
I recommend every hairdresser to use Marly Skin® routinely.

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customer reviews

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate you with this mail on your great product Marly Skin Skin Protection Foam and thank you very much.

I am a self-employed hairdresser and have been suffering from contact eczema caused by ingredients of hair dyes for a little over 2 years, it was already sufficient if I had previously dyed hair to trigger the allergic reaction.

What this meant for me as an independent hairdresser master I think I do not have to explain in more detail.

I tried everything, from protective creams to skin protection foams from different manufacturers and constant creaming of the fingers, but nothing helped again and again the itching, weeping and finally bloody encrusting blisters appeared.

This became so bad in the meantime that I seriously thought about giving up my job.

But then I discovered a flyer of her product at the school where I work as a trainer in addition to my self-employment.

The section where the Marly Skin Skin Foam forms a barrier in the skin and is not washable convinced me to order a can of Marly Skin Skin Foam.

I tested their product over 3 weeks and what should I say, my contact eczema belongs to the past! Even cuts which one inevitably suffers in my profession heal in record time.

I am so infinitely grateful to them for this product which I have been recommending to all my colleagues and friends ever since!

With overjoyed and friendly greetings Fabian L. Hairdresser master.

This skin protection foam makes it much easier (if used correctly) to clean the skin when dealing with mineral oils, soot, etc. As the name suggests, skin PROTECTION foam, not to be confused with skin care creams. Can only recommend it to anyone who has problems with heavily soiled hands (work related). A product that keeps what it promises! If the quality stays that way, I will buy it again and again.

Hello, my husband had really tried every ointment and cream. On his hands, especially on his fingertips, the skin came off. Men are like that, no time to see a doctor. Until I discovered this foam. Just great. It came after very short time a relief. Everything heals perfectly.