Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

On the following page you will learn how Marly Skin® skin protection foam can protect you from burning and itching on your bottom, from skin irritation caused by bladder weakness and dermatitis caused by incontinence and why ointments are unsuitable for intimate protection.

Inkontinenz assoziierte Dermatitis - Boost

Marly Skin® – The Original – and skin stress has no chance anymore!

Marly Skin® – Das Original – und Hautstress hat keine Chance mehr!

Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is an inflammation of the skin in the genital area, also known as diaper dermatitis or diaper rash. Diaper dermatitis is a special form of moist wound. Constant contact with urine or stool irritates the skin and forms a rash or eczema. The skin around the affected areas becomes highly inflamed.

Marly Skin® shows new ways for long-lasting and effective skin protection against incontinence

Marly Skin® protects your skin guaranteed!

Marly Skin®

  • prevents harmful moisture from reaching the skin
  • protects against mechanical and chemical influences, e.g. aggressive substances in urine and stool
  • prevents redness and inflammation and helps these to subside quickly
  • protects against chafing and prevents inguinal eczema (Wolf)
  • for stabilization of the wound margin in decubitus ulcers
  • for the protection of sensitive skin in case of incontinence
  • absorbs immediately and is neither visible nor perceptible on the skin
  • is easy and clean to handle
  • does not grease, thus the suction pores of diapers or originals are not clogged or stuck together
  • protects effectively 4-6 hours
  • dissolves by itself without residues, no removal necessary
Marly Skin® schützt Ihre Haut garantiert!

Using Marly Skin® is clean and easy

Die Anwendung von Marly Skin® ist sauber und einfach
  1. The skin is cleaned with a syndet and then well dried.

  2. Before use, shake the Marly Skin® can vigorously and remove an approximately walnut-sized amount of foam (standard application).

  3. Apply Marly Skin® thinly to the skin surface to be protected and rub in well. Depending on the size of the surface, repeat the application.

Expert Tip

Conventional ointments and creams for the genital area often lead to a massive occlusion of the skin and thus damage the skin considerably, but they clog the pores of diapers and pads and reduce their absorbency.

This can cause unnecessary skin irritation in the genital area and at the bottom.

The risk of cumulative-toxic eczema in incontinent patients can be reduced by using Marly Skin®.

Experten Tipp

An impressive result!

A clinical study at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Freiburg was to investigate the differences in the use of different skin protection products in connection with the use of diapers.

3 commercially available skin protection products were applied to the skin of an adult. The individual preparations were marked.

It came to use:

  • KPA (control preparation A in the form of high consistency cream)
  • KPB (control preparation B in the form of a lotion)
  • KPC (Control Preparation C Marly SKin®)

After the diapers had been left for 30 minutes, they were removed and irradiated with blue light to make the imprint of the applied preparations visible on the surface of the diaper.


Ein beeindruckendes Ergebnis!

Most of the diaper surface is impregnated when a conventional ointment or lotion is used.

This can only be avoided by using Marly Skin® (KPC).

At 60-80 percent of the diaper surface, the urine is between the diaper and the skin!

Following the test, the quantities of liquid absorbed were also expressed. The result was the same!
Only 20 to 40 percent of the liquid to be absorbed was absorbed by the diapers.

With Marly Skin® it was 100%!